This walkthrough today is known as the down to the
domains of the Cacique Guanentá birthplace of the
Guane culture, in the precolumbian era,
when the german Geo Von Lengerke in 1897 used
indigenous footprints and get
built stone by stone.

Time of the walkthrough: 1:30 to 2:00  hours aproximately (It depends of the capabilities
of the walker).

Recommendations: Take plenty of water, sunscreen, hat or cap and tennis. Upon arriving in Guane you can visit the archaeological and paleontological museum located on the eastern side of the square.

Back to Barichara you can take an intermunicipal bus located in the Square.


It is reached after walking four blocks from the Main Square to the upper part of Barichara.

Historically it can be said that it was the first chapel and place of foundation of Barichara.

Used to arrange marriages and as alternative place for exhibitions.


Do not miss visiting the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. In memory of the Virgin of the Rock is a unique work, is supported by 10 monolithic columns carved with 5 meters high and 70 cm wide.


It is reached by going up the street that borders the
church where is the cemetery. It’s free

Located in the western part of the canyon of the river
Suárez, the viewpoint is an ideal place to appreciate the topography that the Andes mountain range has left in the east of the country.

From there you can see the roads that are drawn in the mountains and unforgettable sunsets.

Hours of operation:
Monday to Thursday: 12:00 m – 8:00 p.m
Friday: 12:00 m – 11:45 p.m
Saturday and Sunday: 9:00 a.m – 11:45 p.m.


The San Lorenzo Foundation is a nonprofit that helps with the economic earnings of many families in the region, especially single mothers. It was founded in 2001 and it is the biggest employer in Barichara.

Its personnel work on the production of paper benefiting the current programs and objectives developed around it and its multiple applications.


In Santander you will find three of the most renowned rivers in Colombia, where sport activities such as rafting are a plus. The Chicamocha river, Fonce river and Suarez river are not only known for its strong whitewater rapids, offering maximum adrenaline, but the magic and beauty of its landscapes that offers access to the Chicamocha canyon, the biggest in Colombia and one of the most important in America.
Its classification is 3 and 4, and is subject to weather conditions and river volume level.


The practice of this sport is held at Las Vueltas village in Curití and consists of a free-flying descend of 15 minutes over the Santanderean landscape, as well the impressive Chicamocha canyon with a descend of 20-30 minutes.


The park is located via Bucaramanga – San Gil at 54 km (33.55 miles) from Bucaramanga the state’s capital and 39 km (21.13 miles) from San Gil. It is built over the Chicamocha  Canyon and holds 264 hectares (652.358 acres) of nature.

It provides an urban complex with different elements and places representing the Santanderean culture. 

The Chicamocha cable car is one of the most visited attractions at the park. It crosses the canyon from Aratoca to Mesa de los Santos.


Juan Curi Park is located at kilometer 22 via San Gil – Charalá. It is a refreshing 80 meter (262 ft. 5.60 inches) waterfall over stone. After that you can enjoy 20 minutes of canyoning and finish your excursion with a refreshing cold bath in a natural waterhole.