Spa Wellness Center

Enjoy a deeply relaxing experience.

Outdoors, among the green of nature, the song of birds and the sound of water, the Terra Barichara hotel offers an atmosphere of tranquility, calm and rest in its Wellnes Center. With a Maloka Spa where we offer a complete treatment to relax, rest and leave the stress of everyday life, providing physical, mental and emotional well-being with massages carried out with vegetable oils and lodotherapy.

In addition, a complete circuit of hydrotherapy with jets of air and water in different parts of the body to release tension points, a flotarium of sauna and Turkish mineral salts.


We offer an unforgettable experience of relaxation, balance and renewal with specialized treatments and alternative therapies in health, wellness and rest.

Among Maloka's services you will find relaxation massages, for stress and therapeutic massage, exfoliation and hydration, alternative therapies with individual or group sessions of family, organizational and health constellations.